PIK presents the first project on Sakhalin

PEAK 14 October 2021 17:32

PIK expands its presence in the Far East and presents the first project in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - "Uyun Park". The company will offer Sakhalin residents a fundamentally new quality of life: modern construction standards, comprehensive landscaping, apartments with finishes and innovative online sales for the local market.

Helping future residents to save time and effort on repairs, PIK opens sales of apartments ranging from 21 m2 to 78 m2 with two finishing options: finished and pre-finished White Box. Panoramic views of the capital of Sakhalin will open from the large windows. The loggias provided by the layouts will become a full-fledged summer garden or workspace. The minimum cost of apartments is 3,263,460 rubles.

An innovative solution for the region will be online sales. Without leaving home, PIK customers can buy an apartment literally in two clicks and completely online, including with a mortgage. Through your personal account on the website pik.ru you can instantly submit a mortgage application, get loan approval and issue the necessary documents. The Far Eastern Mortgage program is available for PIK clients.

The basis of the PEAK Standard, a set of rules that is used in the construction of any project, is the comfort of future residents. In residential quarters, the PEAK pays special attention to landscaping, landscaping and the surrounding landscape, thanks to which new interesting public spaces are created.

The standards of the PEAK will be reflected in the new project "Uyun Park" — when using the opportunities of the local terrain, picturesque walking routes, children's and sports grounds will appear here. Green recreation areas will become a favorite place for children of different ages and their parents to spend time.

"Uyun Park" consists of twenty-five houses, three kindergartens, a school and multi-level above-ground parking lots. The residential area will appear at the foot of the Bald Hill surrounded by parks and forests and will become the embodiment of the concept of "city within a city", according to which all the infrastructure for a comfortable life is located within walking distance.

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