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Максим Петроневич, банк «Открытие»
23 July 2021 18:20

The ruble practically did not react to the increase in the key rate

In line with market expectations, the Bank of Russia raised the key rate by 100 bps to 6.5%. This is due to the fact that the indicators reflecting the most stable processes of price dynamics, according to the estimates of the Bank of Russia, are significantly higher than 4% in annual terms.
Международный аэропорт Шереметьево
23 July 2021 17:32

Aeroflot has started operating international flights from the newest Terminal at Sheremetyevo Airport

Анатолий Аксаков, председатель Комитета Госдумы по финансовому рынку, председатель Совета Ассоциации банков России
23 July 2021 17:08

The decision to raise the key rate is understandable, but it will entail an increase in interest on loans

The decision of the Bank of Russia to significantly raise the key rate - from 5.5% to 6.5% per annum - is quite understandable, primarily taking into account the continuing inflationary risks.
Михаил Васильев, Совкомбанк
23 July 2021 17:04

The Bank of Russia is expected to raise the key rate by 100 bps, to 6.5% per annum

The Bank of Russia is expected to raise the key rate by 100 bps, to 6.5% per annum. The main arguments in favor of such a decision were the distance of inflation from the target 4%, the predominance of pro-inflationary risks, increased inflation expectations, and accelerated economic recovery. The key rate remained below the current level of inflation, which indicates that the stimulating effect on the economy remains.
Алексей Тихонов, банк «Открытие»
23 July 2021 15:40

The ECB will not raise the rate soon

Following the results of the July meeting, the ECB kept its monetary policy and monetary support programs for the economy unchanged. At the same time, the regulator revised its expectations for future interest rates in accordance with the new strategy. The ECB is positive about the future of the region's economy, expecting economic activity to recover to pre-crisis levels in the first quarter of next year.
Арсений Дадашев, АУФИ
23 July 2021 13:43

Oil at the crossroads

Oil continued its ascent in trading on Thursday, stopping on the approach to the $74 per barrel mark, where the 20-day moving average passes. Today, Brent is trading without a clearly defined movement vector, slightly retreating from the 20-DMA, which acts as the nearest barrier on the way to further recovery.
Алексей Антонов, АЛОР БРОКЕР
23 July 2021 11:28

Expensive oil will continue to support Russian stocks

Yesterday, unexpectedly, the Russian stock market showed an impressive result on a relatively weak America, adding 0.85% to the Moscow Stock Exchange Index. Thus, Monday's drawdown was redeemed. The main merit of the outstripping growth belongs to oil, which went above $73 per barrel.