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Arseniy Dadashev, AUFI
25 October 2021 14:27

Oil has the potential to continue growing

On Friday, oil strengthened slightly, regaining some of the losses incurred as part of the correction from new three-year highs outside the $86 per barrel level.
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
25 October 2021 11:10

Friday's drawdown of stocks and OFZ on the tightening of the PREP was excessive

The Russian stock market reacted sharply negatively not to the decision of the Central Bank to raise the interest rate immediately by 0.75 percentage points and the intention to increase it before the end of the year.
Mikhail Vasiliev, Sovcombank
22 October 2021 16:04

The Bank of Russia unexpectedly raised the key rate for the market by 75 bps at once

Unexpectedly for the market, the Bank of Russia raised the key rate by 75 bps at once, to 7.5% per annum. The main arguments in favor of such a decision were the distance of inflation from the target 4%, the predominance of pro-inflationary risks, increased inflation expectations, and the return of the economy to a balanced growth trajectory.
Vladislav Danilov, Beac Asset Management
22 October 2021 15:46

The Central Bank raised the rate immediately by 0.75 percentage points

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation decided to raise the key rate by 75 bps to 7.5% - higher than the expectations of the market, which predicted a rate increase of 25-50 bps. At the same time, the regulator maintained a fairly tough rhetoric, saying that it allows further rate increases at the next meetings.
Arseniy Dadashev, AUFI
22 October 2021 13:19

Oil bulls have taken a break

Having encountered resistance around the $86 per barrel mark, oil moved to a bearish correction at Thursday's auction, which is still local in nature and does not cause fears for an uptrend.
Alexey Antonov, ALOR BROKER
21 October 2021 10:47

The Moscow Stock Exchange index is ready to overcome 4,300 points

The Russian stock market has been consolidating around historical highs for 8 sessions. We need some kind of push to get out of the short-term sideways. The decline scenario is not relevant now, so we are waiting for the withdrawal above the 4,300 point mark.
Maxim Petronevich, Otkritie Bank.
21 October 2021 07:32

The key rate can be raised to 7%, which will have little effect on loan and deposit rates

According to the forecast of Otkritie Research, at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia, the key rate may be increased by 25 bp to 7%.