24 March 2023 18:40

The Cabinet of Ministers will allocate 5.3 billion rubles for concessional lending of investment projects for the creation of tourist infrastructure

As a result, hotels of at least three stars with 27.5 thousand rooms will be built and reconstructed in 33 regions.
24 March 2023 18:26

The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared a bill on the creation of SEZs in new territories

Preferences will help attract private investment in the creation of new industries.
24 March 2023 10:55

The ban on the sale of securities of unfriendly countries to unqualified investors has been extended for another six months

The order on this will be valid until October 1, 2023, until the entry into force of the instruction of the Bank of Russia, which fixes the restrictions on a permanent basis.
23 March 2023 18:21

In the Urals, the import of fruit and vegetable products from China has increased 5 times

The main suppliers of vegetables and fruits, in addition to China, are: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
23 March 2023 17:57

The Cabinet of Ministers will prepare proposals on tax benefits for the purchase of domestic high-tech equipment

This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, speaking in the State Duma.
23 March 2023 17:06

M.Mishustin: The Russian Federation will produce more than 100 aircraft of various modifications per year from 2026

Decisions on the necessary amount of financing for the industry have been made.
23 March 2023 14:59

Mikhail Mishustin: in 2022, 83 companies "moved" to the Oktyabrsky and Russian islands

This is 3 times more than in the previous period.