Ingosstrakh and Ingosstrakh-Life launch sales of the Avantage Apartment insurance product

AK&M 14 October 2021 16:22

Ingosstrakh and Ingosstrakh-Life insurance companies launch sales of a unique insurance product "Avantage Apartment". For the first time, a comprehensive program combines the possibility of long-term savings and life insurance with apartment insurance. This is stated in the message of Ingosstrakh.

Purchasing a policy "Avantage Apartment", the client enters into a savings program, according to which he makes insurance contributions, and after 5 or 7 years, depending on the insurance conditions, receives all investments back in the form of accumulated capital. At the same time, during the entire term of the contract, the client's life and apartment at the place of his registration will be insured. Insurance coverage applies not only to the client's apartment, but also to his liability in case of damage to third parties. For example, if the client "floods" the neighbors from below, the repair costs will be partially or completely covered by the insurance policy. 

Another advantage of the program is the included telemedicine option, in which the insured will be able to consult doctors online or by phone. The product also allows you to get a social tax deduction - up to 15,600 rubles annually. To purchase a policy, the client's path is simplified as much as possible: the contract is executed online.

Ingosstrakh-Life Insurance Company LLC is a member of the INGO Group and specializes in long-term life insurance, pension insurance and accident and disease insurance. The company was separated from Ingosstrakh in 2003 in accordance with the legislative requirements on the separation of companies engaged in life insurance and insurance other than life insurance.

iNgosstrakh SPAO has been operating on the international and domestic markets since 1947, and occupies a leading position among Russian insurance companies. Ingosstrakh has the right to carry out all types of property insurance, voluntary medical insurance and insurance against accidents and diseases, established by Article 32.9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation", as well as reinsurance activities. The company is present in 251 localities of the Russian Federation. Representative offices and subsidiaries of the insurer operate in the countries of the far and near abroad.