Rosbank and RusKlimatFond will plant 80 thousand trees

Rosbank 14 September 2021 16:55

Rosbank has become a partner of the Rusklimatfond in the autumn planting season of the Forests for Climate project. Rosbank and RusKlimatFond will carry out a number of measures to reduce the carbon footprint by planting trees throughout Russia, including in areas where the forest has suffered from fires. Due to the large-scale fires in Yakutia, this region was one of the first to enter the reforestation planting plan for the current year.  It is planned to plant about 20,000 seedlings of coniferous species, which will subsequently absorb 1,484 tons of CO2-eq. in the region.

Along with this, in September-October of this year, planting is planned in the Nizhny Novgorod (20 thousand), Samara (20 thousand), Moscow (10 thousand) and Chelyabinsk regions (10 thousand trees). In total, the volunteers will plant about 80,000 pine seedlings.  

"Since 2011, Rosbank has been counting and tracking its own carbon footprint, purposefully reducing it through the introduction of technologies in offices, optimization of business trips and effective fleet management. It is obvious that in the very near future, office spaces in Russia will not massively switch to green energy, so we are looking for options to compensate for our footprint. Tree planting is one of such initiatives. It is essential for us that the landings are carried out on the territory of forest farms, where the seedlings will be provided with appropriate care and protection from fires. According to preliminary estimates, taking into account the growth rate of the tree species and the climatic features of the regions, 80,000 pine trees planted over 50 years of life will absorb more than 9 thousand tons of CO2-eq, which will compensate for half of the bank's carbon footprint for 2020. This is a pilot project for us, in the future we plan to expand the compensation program in order to eventually achieve carbon neutrality, " said Elena Kozhadey, Director of the Communications and Advertising Department of Rosbank.

"The climate on Earth is changing and this is confirmed by meteorological observations. Every year, forest fires cover huge territories, and due to the increase in temperature, insect pests tolerate winters better and attack larger areas of our "green lungs". We are restoring forests in order to make our contribution to the future of the planet and new generations who will have to deal with the consequences of the climate crisis," says Marianna Munteanu, President of the Rusklimatfond.