The geography of multimodal passenger transportation is expanding in the North Caucasus

Минтранс России 22 July 2021 18:17

Today, the Vladikavkaz Foundation and the United Transport Directorate have signed an agreement on the development and improvement of transport accessibility of priority tourist territories of the North Caucasus Federal District. In order to promote domestic and inbound tourism, a pilot project will be launched, which involves expanding the geography of multimodal transportation in the territory of the NCFD.

The project provides for the creation of new multimodal routes from most cities of Russia using a "single" ticket to the largest tourist territories of the North Caucasus Federal District with a transfer through transport hubs – the M. Y. Lermontov Mineralnye Vody International Airport and the Makhachkala International Airport (Uytash), as well as the railway stations of Nevinnomyssk and Mineralnye Vody.

In addition to transportation to the resorts of the Elbrus region, Dombay and to the cities of republican significance Cherkessk and Karachayevsk, transportation to the key tourist cities of the Republic of Dagestan-Izberbash and Derbent is planned. In the near future, it is expected to scale this project to other promising areas for tourism in the North Caucasus Federal District.

"We are implementing a single ticket mechanism to improve the transport logistics of the regions. This will allow the passenger to plan their journey with a guarantee and get to their destination without hindrance. In fact, a "single" ticket is a service that allows you to issue a single transport document for the entire route, for example, Moscow – Arkhyz or Moscow-Elbrus using different types of transport",
- Alexey Khlopov, General Director of the Visit the Caucasus Foundation, noted.

Multimodal passenger transportation on a "single" ticket has a number of advantages. In particular, it is a single transport document for the entire trip, including transportation by different modes of transport, ensuring the most convenient connection between flights, reducing the time and number of transfers. A wide range of ways to buy a "single" ticket is available for tourists.

"All these factors are especially important for passengers arriving from other regions of the country who are not oriented in a new city. A person on a" single "ticket receives a guaranteed trip and round-the-clock support throughout the entire route," added Konstantin Ugarov, General Director of ANO "ETD".

The following ways of buying a "single" ticket are available for tourists:

- a train + bus ticket, which can be purchased at the ticket offices of any railway station, agency networks of JSC "FPC", as well as on the website and in the application of JSC "Russian Railways";

- a "plane + bus" ticket, which is issued through the agency network of the Transport Clearing House.

When buying a "single" ticket, a passenger is issued a train or plane ticket, as well as a ticket granting the right to travel by bus to the final destination of the route. Registration is made no later than 12 hours before the start of the bus transportation. Children under five years of age accompanied by adults are entitled to free travel.

Specialized transportation is carried out on comfortable buses on the following routes in the forward and reverse direction:

- from/to the Mineralnye Vody railway station-Neutrino-Elbrus-Tegenekli-Baydaevo-Itkol-Cheget-Terskol-Azau;

- from / to Mineralnye Vody airport-Neutrino-Elbrus-Tegenekli-Baydaevo-Itkol-Cheget-Terskol-Azau;

- from / to Mineralnye Vody airport-Cherkessk-Karachayevsk-Dombay;

- from/to the railway station Nevinnomysskaya-Cherkessk-Karachayevsk-Dombay;

- from / to Mineralnye Vody airport-Cherkessk-Karachayevsk-Arkhyz-Romantic (the route opens from 10.08.2021);

- from/to the railway station Nevinnomysskaya-Cherkessk-Karachayevsk-Arkhyz-Romantic (the route opens from 10.08.2021);

- from / to Makhachkala – Makhachkala – Izberbash – Derbent airport (the route opens from 15.08.2021).

Information about the schedule and the cost of tickets can be found on the official website of the ANO "Unified Transport Directorate" in the "Single Ticket"section, as well as by calling the round-the-clock free hotline 8 (800) 250-18-04.

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