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The biological product of the startup "RIZO" increased the grain yield for farmers by more than 20%

FIOP 15 September 2021 18:23

The biological product "RIZO-S" from the startup "RIZO" of the Center for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia, which is part of the investment network of the FIOP of the RUSNANO group, showed efficiency with an increase in grain yield up to 20.7% as a result of completed tests in the Stavropol Territory. The bioproduct interested both small and large agricultural producers of the region.

The new product "RIZO-C" is a biological fungicide with a growth-stimulating effect based on new strains of Pseudomonas aureofaciens B-11634 and Azotobacter vinellandii D-08 bacteria and their active metabolites. Bacteria are capable of producing extracellular compounds that have a negative effect on the development of pathogens. In addition, these beneficial microorganisms affect the plant's immunity by indirectly improving the rhizosphere, positively affect the structure of the crop, produce phytohormones and growth factors, fix atmospheric nitrogen in the process of aerobic growth.

Due to this effect, such crops as winter and spring wheat, spring barley, malting barley show an increase in the actual yield by 7-20%. Tests conducted in various regions of the European part of Russia over the past four years also show a number of other positive effects:

* the biological product increases the germination of seeds by 10-15%;

* has a protective effect, suppresses the growth and development of a wide range of plant pathogens;

* improves the quality of grain in terms of protein and gluten content;

* reduces the stress of grain crops from negative phenomena, such as treatment with pesticides, drought, low ambient temperatures;

* there is a saving on nitrogen fertilizers.

"The drug" RIZO-S", like our other biological products, shows not only the effectiveness of the action, but also a tangible economic effect – agricultural producers can earn an additional average of 5.5 thousand rubles per 1 hectare compared to plots processed by traditional methods. Therefore, we believe that the growth potential of the use of biological products in agriculture is very high. In addition, we see a new market niche for ourselves – organic farming, which is gaining popularity in the world, where there are bans on the use of chemical fertilizers and plant protection products. Our biological products are not chemical, and therefore we plan to enter this market, predicting the growing demand for safe biological plant protection products in the coming years," Denis Kiselev, General Director of RIZO, shared his plans.

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