Sputnik Light single-component vaccine approved in Iran

RDIF 15 September 2021 17:33

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, the sovereign fund of the Russian Federation) announces the approval of the use of the Russian single-component vaccine against the coronavirus "Sputnik Light" by the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Sputnik Light is the first component (recombinant human adenovirus 26 serotype (rAd26)) of the Sputnik V vaccine. Vaccination with the drug "Sputnik Light" will speed up the vaccination of the population and form population immunity faster. In January 2021, a two-component Sputnik V vaccine was also approved in Iran.

Sputnik Light demonstrates high safety and effectiveness during vaccination of the population in a number of countries. In particular, data from the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina) showed the effectiveness of the Sputnik Light vaccine at the level of 78.6-83.7% when vaccinating elderly people. In Paraguay, according to the country's Ministry of Health, the effectiveness of the drug was 93.5% during mass vaccination.

Due to the high safety and effectiveness in a number of countries, the Sputnik Light vaccine is currently being used not only independently, but is also being studied in combination with drugs from other manufacturers.

For the first time, the heterogeneous boosting approach (a "vaccine cocktail" using human adenovirus of the 26th serotype as the first component and the 5th serotype as the second component) was used as the basis for the world's first registered vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus. Taking into account the success of such an approach to ensure stable and long-term immunity against a new coronavirus infection, RDIF was the first in the world to launch an initiative to partner with other vaccine manufacturers and conduct joint research on the combination of the first component of Sputnik V with foreign drugs.

Similar studies are currently being carried out in Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and other countries.

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