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Popular cars on favorable terms: Hard hat for KAMAZ trucks at special rates in the "Baltic leasing"

"Baltic Leasing" 17 September 2021 18:09

Experts of the agency "Autostat" It was reported that KAMAZ increased production by 10% in August 2021, having released 1962 car sets. The demand for the brand is confirmed by the statistics of "Baltic Leasing", where by the end of January-August of this year, the demand for KAMAZ trucks increased by 10%. Customers of "Baltic Leasing" can take advantage of a special offer for popular cars of the domestic brand.

According to the terms of the program, in the framework of transactions involving KAMAZ trucks, the overpayment will be minimal-from 3.9% with an annuity payment schedule. Also, special rates for CASCO are available to lessees – 1.21%, taking into account the risk of "Off the roads".

The terms of the special offer apply to trucks and motor special equipment on the KAMAZ brand chassis. Customers can additionally issue a roadside assistance card for trucks (weighing up to 40 tons). The certificate includes all the necessary technical assistance in case of unforeseen situations, as well as legal advice 24/7.

The map is relevant not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries. The number of customer requests for technical and legal services is unlimited, and the number of drivers is also unlimited. The cards are issued and sent to customers in the form of electronic certificates. You can apply for them at any of the company's branches.

To conclude a transaction, it is enough for the client to provide an advance in the amount of 5% and a minimum package of documents. The decision on financing is made on the day of the application. Contracts are concluded for a period of 12 to 60 months.

Baltic Leasing clients can sign all the necessary documents online. Now the transaction processing procedure has become even more convenient and faster-using a mobile application that is available to any smartphone user from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery, it will take only 1.5 minutes to fill out and send a lease application.


When concluding a leasing agreement, the terms of service provision that affect the amount of expenses incurred by the lessee are individually agreed upon: the lease term, the amount of the first (advance) payment, the intensity of reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of the leased item as part of lease payments, the increase in price, the choice of the policyholder, the insurer, the balance holder of the leased item, the party in whose name the leased item is registered. The offer is not an offer. LLC "Baltic Leasing".

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