KRET has signed a cooperation agreement with Bank Rossiya

Ростех 22 July 2021 17:10

Radioelectronic Technologies Concern has signed a cooperation agreement with Joint-Stock Bank Rossiya for MAKS-2021. Systematic joint work will be aimed at implementing the concern's priority projects, expanding production capacities and modernizing production facilities.

The Bank will provide financing for the group's investment projects, and we are talking not only about lending, factoring, but also about providing bank guarantees, as well as syndicated lending, which involves joint financing of projects by several creditors.

"For many years, Bank Rossiya has been a reliable partner of the concern. The signing of the new agreement contributes to the transition of our cooperation to a new level. I am convinced that in the near future, with the participation of Bank Rossiya, we will launch another large-scale project, " said Nikolai Kolesov, General Director of KRET.

The first cooperation agreement between the concern and Bank Rossiya was signed in 2019. At that time, the emphasis was on banking services, providing consulting services and conducting an expert examination of investment projects. The new agreement will significantly expand the possibilities of cooperation.

"We are glad and happy to see such a partner as KRET JSC as our client of the bank, we have excellent relations, we work on quite serious amounts and projects and we hope that in the future our cooperation will be much larger in volume and warmer and more fruitful," said Andrey Yakovenko, Vice President, Director of the Corporate Business Directorate of Joint – Stock Bank Rossiya.

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