Domodedovo Airport and state services showed readiness for emergency situations during the exercises

Moscow Domodedovo Airport 14 October 2021 16:43

Moscow Domodedovo Airport hosted the annual comprehensive emergency rescue exercises of state and airport services to work out actions in emergency situations. The event was held in two stages: at the airfield and in the passenger terminal.

According to the legend of the exercises, the aircraft's front landing gear did not fully come out during landing. There were 120 people on board at that time, 750 kg of luggage, 300 kg of mail and 3 tons of cargo, including dangerous.

The emergency rescue team worked out emergency actions in the controlled area of the airport: fire extinguishing, rescue operations, removal of dangerous cargo, first aid, evacuation of the aircraft from the scene. In addition, the experts showed how the work in the terminal is organized: interaction with airlines, assistance to relatives of passengers, coordination and assistance to the media.

This year, special attention was paid to the evacuation of the aircraft. Emergency pneumatic fabric lifts were used to lift and stabilize it during the exercises. Towing was carried out by an armored recovery vehicle (BRAM-1), made on the basis of the T-72 tank. Domodedovo has emergency rescue equipment for the evacuation of all types of aircraft, including wide-body double-deck aircraft. It is designed, among other things, to work in difficult conditions. For example, on different types of soft soil, sand, clay, loam or on marshy areas.

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