The Legal Commission approved the concept of development of machine-readable law technologies

AK&M 27 September 2021 11:26

The Government Commission for Digital Development under the leadership approved the concept of the development of machine-readable law technologies. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Economic Development, which developed the document.

The concept is the first official document in the field of machine-readable law in Russia. It systematizes the ideas about these technologies and determines the main directions of their development. Currently, machine-readable law technologies are partly used when working video recorders on the roads.

Machine-readable law includes the rules of law that are set out in a formal language, that is, in programming languages. In addition, machine-readable law includes tools for the application of such norms — information systems and software. Thanks to these technologies, regulatory legal acts are translated into computer code.

Thanks to machine-readable law, for example, artificial intelligence will be able to compare the texts of different legal acts and automatically issue the applicable norms to lawyers. Business, thanks to platforms based on this technology, will be able to automatically check whether legal documents, including contracts and contracts, are drawn up correctly.