The Bank of Russia created the DBRA

AK&M 15 September 2021 14:29

The Department of Banking Supervision and the Department of Banking Regulation will be merged from December 1. The new division was named the Department of Banking Regulation and Analytics (DBRA) of the Bank of Russia. This was reported by the press service of the Bank of Russia.

The merger of the departments will contribute to the development of approaches to the development of regulation based on monitoring the risks of the banking sector and a comprehensive market analysis. This will make it possible to adapt the regulation to the level of development of the Russian banking system and the tasks facing it to the greatest extent. The solution will also allow to optimize the organizational structure and increase the efficiency of activities, the report says.

The new department will concentrate the functionality related to the implementation of the following main tasks: risk analysis of credit institutions, including stress testing methods; regulation of banking activities, including on the basis of analysis of existing and potential risks; publication of analytical materials on the banking sector; methodological and informational support of banking supervision.

The director of the new department will be Alexander Danilov, who now heads the Department of Banking Supervision. The curator of the new department will be the First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Tulin. Alexey Lobanov, Director of the Banking Regulation Department, is leaving the Bank of Russia.