The 1437th AK&M Communication Bulletin was published

AK&M 26 August 2021 14:09

The 1437th issue of the bulletin "Branches of the Russian economy: production, finance, securities. Svyaz" of the AK&M News Agency.

The volume of communication services provided to enterprises of all types of activities in June 2021 increased by 3.6% compared to June 2020, and compared to May 2021-by 2.6%, amounting to 186.7 billion rubles. In the first half of 2021, the volume of communication services amounted to 1.121 trillion rubles, which is 8.6% higher than the result of January-June 2020. The volume of paid communication services to the population in June 2021 amounted to 117.3 billion rubles, an increase of 4.9% compared to June 2020 and by 0.6% compared to the previous month. The volume of communication services to the population for the first half of 2021 increased by 0.4%. 

Revenues from communication services in Russia in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 2% compared to 2020 to 412.1 billion rubles. According to Rosstat, revenues from mobile communications in the first quarter increased by 16.1% to 109.5 billion rubles, and revenue from connection and traffic transmission services increased by 3.9% to 69.1 billion rubles. At the same time, Russians began to spend more on the Internet and cellular communications — according to a study by Russian Standard Bank, average receipts for these services in the first half of 2021 increased by 5% compared to January-July last year. 

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, fixed Internet traffic in the first quarter of 2021 increased by almost 43% to 18.4 billion. Gb compared to the same period last year, demonstrating record growth rates. According to experts, such an increase in fixed traffic is directly related to the COVID-19 epidemic and the transition to remote work. This dynamic may continue in the near future due to the growing penetration of digital services and the popularity of video content, analysts believe. At the same time, the growth rate of mobile Internet was lower than that of fixed — it increased by 37% compared to a year earlier to about 6.7 billion GB. 

Vladimir Putin signed the law on the unified audience meter of Internet resources, according to which Internet platforms will be obliged to install counters on their resources to measure the audience or provide such data independently. The organization that will perform the functions of a single meter must be chosen by Roskomnadzor by October 1, 2021. At the same time, the agency will determine the order of its selection, the methodology for measuring the audience and the order of interaction with the owners of Internet resources independently. According to the idea of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the meter should receive from the sites the user ID, data on their geolocation, complete information about the equipment, information about any visit to the resource, IP address, as well as information about the content viewed. According to the RAEC, initially the law was presented as a way to measure the audience, but in fact it requires the state to hand over information about specific users.

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