RusHydro enters the market of" green " renewable energy certificates I-REC

AK&M 21 July 2021 18:08

RusHydro enters the market of international renewable energy certificates I-REC, having concluded an agreement with the Association of Energy Market Participants "Goal number Seven". This is stated in the message of RusHydro.

The Association will certify RusHydro generating facilities, after which it will ensure the issuance of" green " I-REC certificates confirming the origin of energy produced by RusHydro power plants from renewable sources.

RusHydro intends to organize a request for proposals from buyers who want to purchase certificates, or conclude free bilateral contracts for the purchase and sale of HPP electric energy.

The energy produced on the basis of renewable energy sources meets internationally recognized "green" standards, and RusHydro can supply I-REC certificates to business partners focused on decarbonizing the production cycle and interested in producing products that meet modern environmental trends.

The certificates comply with key sustainability standards such as GHGP, CDP and RE100. Energy consumers will be able to use I-REC certificates to meet the requirements of these standards, reduce "second-level" greenhouse gas emissions, which, among other things, include indirect emissions from production.

The "green" certificates were developed and implemented by the non-profit organization I-REC Standard Foundation. The I-REC certificate, which tracks the origin of electricity and is a documented entry in a special register about the fact of electricity production at the expense of a certain source, is issued by accredited organizations in 35 countries of the world.

RusHydro is one of the world's largest public hydropower groups. The main activity of the company is connected with the production and sale of electric and thermal energy in the wholesale and retail markets of Russia. The installed capacity of the power plants that are part of RusHydro, including the Boguchanskaya HPP, is 38 GW. The key shareholders are the Russian Federation (61.7%) and PJSC VTB Bank (13%).