Ingosstrakh's payments in connection with natural disasters doubled in the first half of the year

AK&M 22 July 2021 20:35

The Ingosstrakh Analytical Center conducted a study of losses on the portfolio of property insurance of individuals related to natural disasters. The number of reported losses for the first half of 2021 increased by 22% compared to the same period last year. This is stated in the message of the insurance company. 

For the first half of 2021, Ingosstrakh's clients declared 462 losses related to the impact of adverse natural phenomena, totaling 36.8 million rubles.The amount of payments for this period amounted to 24 million rubles, which is 2 times higher than the indicators of the first half of 2020 for this block of risks. The largest compensation was a loss of 10.5 million rubles. – the reason for the payment was the case of a lightning strike in the roof of the house, as a result of which the property was completely burned. 

More than 39% of the reported cases were traditionally recorded in the regions of the Volga Federal District – insurers filed 179 claims for losses related to natural disasters. Among the regions leading in the number of losses associated with adverse natural phenomena, the Republic of Bashkortostan-its residents filed 71 applications (15%), Moscow and the Moscow region-57 insurance cases were recorded here (13%), the Vologda Region – 45 applications (10%) and the Nizhny Novgorod Region – 41 cases (9%). 

In the structure of the claimed losses, the first place in terms of the number is occupied by cases related to damage from a strong hurricane wind (49%), followed by damage resulting from floods (15%), hail (12%), as a result of a lightning strike (4%) and a heavy downpour (3%). If we consider losses from the effects of natural phenomena by the amount of payments, then cases related to fires as a result of a lightning strike, with damage from floods, strong hurricane wind and hail come out in the first place.

Ingosstrakh SPAO has been operating on the international and domestic markets since 1947, and occupies a leading position among Russian insurance companies. Ingosstrakh has the right to carry out all types of property insurance, voluntary medical insurance and insurance against accidents and diseases, established by Article 32.9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation", as well as reinsurance activities. The company is present in 251 localities of the Russian Federation. Representative offices and subsidiaries of the insurer operate in the countries of the far and near abroad.