Ingosstrakh paid 2.85 million rubles in connection with the destruction of property as a result of a gas explosion

AK&M 14 October 2021 15:55

Ingosstrakh paid the client an insurance indemnity in the amount of 2.85 million rubles. in connection with the destruction of property as a result of a gas explosion in an apartment building. The payment was made by the company before the actual completion of the investigation and before the end of the state examinations to assess the condition of the house. This is stated in the message of the insurance company. 

The insured event occurred in September 2021 in the city of Noginsk, Moscow region. According to media reports, an explosion of household gas occurred in an apartment building, as a result of which 24 apartments were damaged - 17 of them were completely destroyed. As a result of the explosion, 7 people were killed. 

The client's apartment was insured in Ingosstrakh under the personal property insurance program. In accordance with the contract, the risks of explosion, fire, water damage, lightning strike, natural disasters, illegal actions of third parties, accidents were covered. 

iNgosstrakh SPAO has been operating on the international and domestic markets since 1947, and occupies a leading position among Russian insurance companies. Ingosstrakh has the right to carry out all types of property insurance, voluntary medical insurance and insurance against accidents and diseases, established by Article 32.9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation", as well as reinsurance activities. The company is present in 251 localities of the Russian Federation. Representative offices and subsidiaries of the insurer operate in the countries of the far and near abroad.