Inflation in August was 0.17%

AK&M 08 September 2021 20:00

Inflation in August compared to July 2021 was 0.17%, compared to December 2020-4.69%. The growth of consumer prices by 0.4% or more was recorded in 30 regions of the Russian Federation. To the greatest extent – in the Altai Republic (by 1.4%) due to an increase in the cost of services by 4.5% and Sevastopol (by 1.1%) due to an increase in the cost of food products by 1.3%. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, prices for the month did not change on average (since the beginning of the year, the price increase was 4% and 4.8%, respectively). This was reported by Rosstat.

In August, the reduction in the price of fruit and vegetable products had a significant impact on the price dynamics. Thus, beets fell by 42.9%, carrots-by 34.8%, potatoes-by 17%, grapes - by 15.8%, tomatoes - by 15.6%, cucumbers-by 13.9%. At the same time, the prices of lemons increased by 24.1%, oranges – by 5.7%, garlic – by 3.7%, dried fruits – by 1.7%.

Beet prices in six regions of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.1-19.9%, in 9 regions-by 20-29. 9%, in 62 regions-by 30-57. 5%. In the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, prices have not changed. In seven regions, beet prices increased by 0.1-21.1%.

Prices for carrots in ten subjects of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.1-19.9%, in 11 subjects-by 20-29. 9%, in 60 subjects-by 30-49. 9%. In four regions, carrot prices increased by 0.1-5.5%.

Potato prices in 40 regions of the Russian Federation decreased by 0.1-19.9%, in 39 regions-by 20.0-33.5%. In 6 regions, potato prices increased by 0.1-21.1%.

Chicken eggs on average in Russia fell in price by 3.4%, while in 43 subjects of the Russian Federation – by 0.1-3.9%, in 33 subjects-by 4-12%. Prices have not changed in two regions. In 7 regions, egg prices increased by 0.1-1.6%.

Among other food products fell in price: millet – by 1.2%, frozen undivided fish-by 0.9%, natural coffee beans and ground - by 0.8%, chocolate-by 0.7%, condensed milk and cognac - by 0.2%.

On average, prices for sugar in Russia increased by 0.5%, including in 23 subjects of the Russian Federation – by 0.1-0.9%, in 10 subjects – by 1-1. 9%, in 8 subjects-by 2-6. 4%. In 14 subjects, prices did not change. In 30 regions, prices for granulated sugar decreased by 0.1-2.1%.

The average increase in prices for sunflower oil in Russia was 0.2%, including 0.1-0.9% in 34 subjects of the Russian Federation, 1-3.8% in 16 subjects. Prices did not change in 10 subjects. In 25 regions, prices for sunflower oil decreased by 0.1-2.5%.

Among meat products, prices increased: pork-by 2.5%, beef liver-by 2.1%, beef-by 1.6%, minced meat-by 1.3%, canned meat-by 1.1%, poultry culinary products – by 0.9%, lamb, sausages, sausages, dumplings, manti, ravioli – by 0.8%.

Among other food products, the prices rose: cookies – by 1.5%, live and chilled fish, salmon caviar, canned vegetables for baby food, oat flakes "Hercules" – by 1.3%, canned fruit and berry for baby food, mineral water, muffins and rolls-by 1.2%, chilled and frozen fish cut up salmon breeds, herring fillets, national cheeses and cheese, processed cheeses, mayonnaise, fruit juices, gingerbread, salt – by 0.9 – 1.1%.

Among non-food products, gas motor fuel has risen most significantly – by 21.3%. The price increase was observed in almost all regions of the Russian Federation. In 23 regions, there was an increase in prices by 22% or more, including in the Orenburg Region-by 32.2%, the Republic of Ingushetia-by 31.8%, the Chelyabinsk Region – by 30.5%, the Chechen Republic – by 28.8%.

Prices for construction materials continued to rise. Sheet window glass rose in price by 4.7%, edged boards, red brick – by 3.4%, roofing material – by 3.3%, euroshifter – by 2.6%, tarred cement - by 2.1%. At the same time, prices for metal tiles and chipboard, oriented chipboard decreased by 3.1% and 3%, respectively.

Of the observed goods included in the recommended list of non-food essential goods, the following rose in price: matches – by 3.7%, household soap-by 1.9%, automobile gasoline – by 1.4%, dry pet food-by 1.2%, toilet paper-by 1%, diesel fuel-by 0.9%, liquid toilet soap, dental pastes, sanitary pads, diapers for newborns, paper table napkins, toilet soap, paper diapers for children, wet wipes - by 0.3-0.8%. At the same time, prices for sanitary and hygienic masks decreased by 2%, hand antiseptics-by 0.8%, washing powders – by 0.4%, toothbrushes – by 0.1%.

Medicines that are not related to vital and essential medicines (VED) have become more expensive by 0.3%, including valocordin-by 2.4%, corvalol-by 1.8%, heparin sodium-by 1.2%, sulfacetamide, metamizole sodium, almagel, fluocinolone acetonide, combined analgesics, levomecol, validol - by 0.3-0.9%. Prices for taurine decreased by 0.8%, troxerutin – by 0.6%, multivitamins with macro – and microelements-by 0.5%, bromhexine, iodine – by 0.4%.

Prices for medicines related to VED decreased by 0.1%, including enalapril, oseltamivir (nomides) – by 1%, amoxicillin with clavulanic acid – by 0.9%, omeprazole – by 0.6%, umifenovir (arbidol), amlodipine, loratadine, indapamide, ceftriaxone, vinpocetine, bisoprolol, sennosides A and B, azithromycin, apixaban (eliquis), suprastin – by 0.2-0.5%. At the same time, smecta, acetylsalicylic acid (domestic aspirin) – by 1.1%, colecalciferol (vitamin D3), xylometazoline, hypothyazide, loperamide, ambroxol – by 0.1-0.5% rose in price.

Among medical products, prices increased: bandages-by 1.3%, corrective glasses – by 0.5%, blood pressure measuring devices – by 0.3%, disposable syringes - by 0.1%. At the same time, electronic medical thermometers fell in price – by 4%, mercury – free medical thermometers (galinstanovye) – by 1.5%, domestic cotton wool-by 0.7%.

Prices for new and used passenger cars of foreign brands, tires for passenger cars increased by 1-1. 2%.

In addition, prices increased: for firewood – by 3.1%, desktop monitors –by 2.9%, televisions – by 2.3%, refrigerators, electric kettles, electric vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, coal, freshly cut flowers, garden shovels, cigarettes with a filter of domestic and foreign brands, shirts for preschool boys, certain types of furniture and perfume and cosmetic products-by 1-1.7%.

On the eve of the new school year, an increase in prices for goods for schoolchildren was noted. Among the items of clothing for school-age children, prices increased: jeans for children-by 1.6%, upper shirts for boys – by 1.5%, sports suits, blouses, skirts, trousers - by 1.1-1.4%. Satchels and backpacks for schoolchildren have risen in price by 1%. At the same time, prices for summer shoes (sandals) decreased by 0.1%.

Of school writing supplies and office supplies, the price rose: school notebooks – by 2.7%, ballpoint pens – by 1.5%, sketchbooks and black-graphite pencils – by 1.3%, textbooks, textbooks - by 1.2%, sets of felt-tip pens - by 1.1%.

At the same time, prices for women's summer shoes, summer dresses for preschool girls, mixers, blenders, electric batteries, roller skates, wireless headphones decreased by 0.2 – 1.3%.

In August, prices among passenger transport services increased: for air travel in economy class – by 9.3%, travel in compartment cars of fast non-company and branded long-distance trains-by 3.5% and 1%, respectively, travel in an intercity bus-by 0.9%, taxi-by 0.6%, car rental-by 0.4%. At the same time, the fare in the reserved cars of fast branded and non-branded trains fell by 1.3% and 0.4%, respectively.

Among the services of tourism and recreation have increased: the cost of living in hotels 3*-5* – from 4.4% to 8.3%, vacation trips to the UAE - by 4.7%, accommodation in hostels - by 2%, bus excursions - by 0.8%. At the same time, the cost of a vacation trip to Turkey decreased by 4.6%, vouchers to holiday homes, boarding houses – by 2.1%, accommodation in 1*, 2* hotels and motels – from 1.6% to 0.2%, tickets to museums and exhibitions – by 1.5%, vouchers to sanatoriums – by 0.5%.

Among household services, prices increased: funeral services-by 1.3%, home repairs – by 1.1%, pants repairs - by 1%, manicure, refrigerator repairs, photo studio services, organizer of celebrations – by 0.7%.

Of the other services observed, the following prices rose: rent of one-room and two-room apartments from private individuals-by 1.4% and 1.2%, respectively, accommodation in a student dormitory, initial consultative examination of a patient at the dentist, tooth extraction under local anesthesia, crown making – by 0.9%, physiotherapy treatment, general blood test - by 0.7%.

At the same time, the subscription fee for a package of cellular communication services decreased by 0.7%, the annual cost of a voluntary car insurance policy against standard risks (CASCO) – by 0.2%, tariffs for liquefied gas and solid municipal waste management – by 0.1%.