AK&M Rating Agency has upgraded MTS PJSC's ESG Reporting Rating to Resg1

RA AK&M 14 October 2021 15:16

AK&M Rating Agency has upgraded MTS PJSC's ESG reporting rating to RESG 1, which corresponds to the highest level of disclosure of information on sustainable development in the organization's public reports. In 2020, the company was assigned a Reporting Rating at the RESG 2 level.

The Company has successfully completed the implementation of the CSR strategy for 2017-2020 and has developed a new strategy in the field of sustainable development. The report for 2020 became a clear statement of the successful implementation of the tasks set out in the strategy.

MTS PJSC, due to the specifics of its activities, does not have a serious impact on the environment, however, taking seriously the issues of environmental conservation and the problem of global climate change, publishes detailed environmental data on its activities. In particular, the company, being a member of the JAC "Climate Change Workstream" working group, provides the best disclosure about the carbon footprint among telecommunications companies by publishing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by category and major assets.

Highly appreciating the level and quality of public information about the company's activities in the field of sustainable development, the AK&M Rating Agency recommends expanding the list of disclosed personnel information. 


The ESG reporting rating has been calculated by the AK&M Rating Agency since 2020. The focus of the research is the completeness of the presentation of information about sustainable development in reports (annual and sustainable development reports), as well as its availability. The study examines 88 markers. The main purpose of the rating is to show the professional community the best practices of disclosing information about the social and environmental activities of companies.

In 2021, the ESG Reporting Rating included leading Russian companies that were the first in Russia to build their business in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

More about the Rating: https://akmrating.ru