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Enel BOD confirms Francesco Starace as CEO

The Board of Directors of Enel S.p.A. appointed by the ordinary Shareholders? Meeting on May 14th, 2020, met today for the first time in Rome and was chaired by Michele Crisostomo, as it was informed in the press-release of the Company.

The Board confirmed Francesco Starace as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company.

The Board also confirmed the existing division of powers, designating the Chair with the power to supervise audit activities, to drive and oversee the application of corporate governance rules concerning the activities of the Board of Directors and to maintain, in agreement and coordination with the Chief Executive Officer, relations with institutional bodies and authorities. In line with the previous division of powers, the Chief Executive Officer was granted all powers for the management of the Company, except for those otherwise assigned by applicable laws and regulations as well as the by-laws or regulations as well as the by-laws or those retained by the Board of Directors within the scope of its responsibilities.

The Board will establish at an upcoming meeting its different internal Committees with powers to submit proposals to and advise the Board.

Enel is an international company providing generation and distribution of energy and gas. It was founded in 1962 and privatized in 1999 dur to the liberalization of the Italian market.

The IQ 2020 net profit dropped 0.7% to 1.247 bn euro from 1.256bn euro prior year; revenues declined 12.2% to 19.985bn euro from 22.755bn euro; EBITDA reached 4.708bn euro vs. 4.548bn euro (+3.5%).

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