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MegaFon Finance sold 29.68% in MegaFon

Mar. 25 MegaFon Finance sold 29.68% in MegaFon, the company informed.

USM, in its turn, acquired the right of direct disposal of votes in respect of 184029380 common stocks (29.68%) kept earlier indirectly.

The companies through which the indirect ownership of votes was provided before the transaction involved: USM - 86.8mln stocks in MegaFon (14%). USM Telecom is a single holder of AF Telecom Holding keeping 349170620 of MegaFon (56.32%). The latter is keeping 100% in MegaFon Finance which owned 184029380 stocks (29.68%).

MegaFon (TIN 7812014560) was set up in 1993 as North-Western GSM and renamed into MegaFon in 2002. It is ranked as the 2d by the number of cellular com consumers in Russia. In June 2010 MegaFon acquired 100% in Sinterra. The subs are operating in Tadjikistan, Abkhazia, South Osetia.

The share capital is worth 62mln rub. split in 620mln common stocks of 0.1 rub. par.

The adjusted 2019 net income (IFRS) rallied up 78.5% to 2bn rub.; revenues moved up 5.4% to 93.2bn rub.; revenues from equipment sales - 41.5% to 12.8bn rub.; OIBDA - 39.8% to 38.5bn rub.; OEBDA margin- 41.3%; net debts dropped 8.5% to 320.4bn rub.

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