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Lenta, Sbermarket launch delivery services in 12 cities

Lenta and Sbermarket have announced plans to launch delivery of products in 12 major Russian cities, the parties informed.

Lenta based in St. Petersburg in 1993 manages 236 hypermarkets in 85 cities of Russia and 128 supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia, Ural and Central macroregions with a total sales area of more than 1.423 million sqm. The company operates seven own distribution centers. Lenta is listed on the London Stock Exchange and Moscow Exchange under the LNTA ticker. Lenta's largest shareholders are TPG Capital and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Lenta's IFRS net loss for the first half of 2019 was RUB 4.5 billion, with a negative margin of 2.2%, against a net profit of RUB 5.2 billion and a margin of 2.7% a year earlier. Revenue increased by 3.1% to RUB 199.2 billion from RUB 193.2 billion. EBITDA decreased by 5.7% year-on-year to RUB 16.1 billion from RUB 17.1 billion in the first half of 2018.

Lenta's total revenue for 2019 increased by 1% to RUB 417.5 billion from RUB 413.6 billion a year earlier. A total of 8 hypermarkets and 3 supermarkets were opened in 2019, while 3 hypermarkets and 7 supermarkets were closed during the same period.

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