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Transneft Druzhba completes works on Kuybyshev - Unecha - Mozyr-1 pipeline

Transneft Druzhba has completed the scheduled planned works on the Kuybyshev-Unecha-Mozyr-1 oil trunk pipeline, the company informed.

Working around the clock during the 72 hour-long shutdown period, the specialists replaced the valve and the check valve at the Syzran line operations control station, the ball valves on the drainage pipeline in the filter chamber of the Nikolskoye line operations control station, the shut-off valves at the Rostovka oil pumping station, conducted other works.

Transneft-Druzhba JSC (OJSC Druzhba Oil Trunklines until December 10, 2014) is a subsidiary of PJSC Transneft. The Druzhba oil pipeline system created in 1964 is located in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania. The pipeline cross the Volga, Oka, Dnepr, Dnestr, Vistula, Danube rivers, hundreds of small rivers, thousand of motorways and railways, Polesye bogs, the Carpathian Mountains.

PJSC Transneft (tax number: 7706061801) is the monopolist in Russia's market of oil export deliveries using pipelines. Transneft Group has the world's largest system of the oil pipelines amounting to 48,505 km.

The company's authorized capital is RUB 7.249 million. It consists of 5,649,468 common and 1,554,875 preferred shares with a face value of 1 ruble.

IFRS profit of Transneft for 9 months of 2019 attributable to the company's shareholders decreased by 16% to RUB 144 billion from RUB 171 billion a year earlier. Revenue of Transneft Group increased by 11% to RUB 793 billion from RUB 716 billion. Transneft Group's EBITDA increased by 20% year-on-year to RUB 377 billion from RUB 315 billion.

IFRS profit of Transneft for the third quarter of 2019 attributable to the shareholders dropped by 52% to RUB 38 billion from RUB 79 billion a year earlier. Revenue increased by 8% to RUB 272 billion from RUB 253 billion, EBITDA went up 22% to RUB 129 billion from RUB 106 billion.

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