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Gilead Sciences/Pharmstandart signed agreement

Gilead Sciences pharmaceutical company announced about the expansion of the partnership with Pharmstandart in the sphere of the localization of medicines production for the treatment of socially important diseases in Russia, the company informed.

The companies signed protocol of intentions aimed to implement Pharmstandart's capacities for the production of medicines used for the treatment of C hepatitis and HIV.

During two years the above medicines are assumed to be launched in actual production.

In Aug. 2018 Gilead and Pharmstandart signed the first agreement on the localization of the secondary packaging of medicines at Pharmstandart-Leksredstva. The capacities of the latter permit to produce above 600mln packages of pharmaceuticals per year.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a scientific biopharmaceutical company providing development and introduction of innovative medicines in the spheres failed to cover the needs. It has branches in 35 countries.

Pharmstandart (TIN 0274110679) is a native pharmaceutical company set up in 2003. It has 250 items in the assortment.

The Company includes 4 pharmaceutical plants including Pharmstandart-Medicines (Kursk), Pharmstandart-UfaVITA (Ufa), Pharmstandart-Tomskkhimfarm, Pharmstandart-Biolek (Ukraine), TZMOI and Pharmstandart providing purchase and delivery of the raw for further processing. The holders involve Augment Investments Limited, The Bank of New York International Nominees, Pharmstandart-Medicines.

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