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Gazprom-neft/Repsol/Shell intend to form JV

At the St.Pb. International Economic Forum Gazprom-neft, Repsol and Shell signed agreement of intentions on the formation of JV for the development of Leskinskoe and Pukhutsyakhskoe licensed fields on Gydan peninsular, as it was informed.

The partners are going to define the terms and sign the contract 2019 end.

The transaction can be closed in 2020 after the approval by regulators.

The assets portfolio will include licenses on the development of Leskinsky and Pukhutsyakhskoe sectors. Thus, Gazprom-neft acquires 50% in JV; Repsol and Shell - 25% each.

The JV formation is aimed to join resources and experience of the partners in the development of the cluster in Gydan peninsular. Leskinsky sector is located in Krasnoyarsk reg.; reserves (D2) appraised to cover 100mln ton of o.e.

Pukhutsyakhskoe sector is located in Yamal-Nenetsk reg.; reserves

(D1/D2) gain 35mln ton o.e.
Both sectors are rather distant from the transport and oil/gas infrastructure and studied to small extent.

Gazprom neft (TIN 5504036333) and its subs keep 61 licenses on the prospecting and development of the fields. The proved crude resources exceed 4.5bn barrel. Gazprom Group is a major holder (95.68%); remained stocks being in free floating.

The IQ 2019 net income (IAS) rallied up 54.9% to 107.894bn rub. from 69.665bn rub.; revenues - 12.6% to 586.359bn rub. from 520.633bn rub.; adjusted EBITDA - 26.9% to 197.7bn rub.

Royal Dutch Shell is a holding set up by Shell (British/ Netherlands

Concern) providing extraction, refining and marketing of hydrocarbons in 80 countries.

Repsol is an international company operating in 37 countries. The products are exported to different states. The output gains 700ths barrel/day; refining - 1mln barrel/day.

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