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Project financing risk appraisal can be amended

The Bank of Russia is going to make amendments to the appraisal of the risk of merger/acquisition project financing, as it was informed.

The amendments stipulate the classification of the merger/acquisition transactions lending as included into III category of quality. At the same time, the banks can have the right to improve the loans quality by one category should the operating patterns of the borrower prove his capability to provide the principal/interest coverage in full and in due time.

This decision is aimed to discourage the banks to lend investments in the authorized capital if it doesn't lead to economic growth. Apart from the risk of losses the above measures can provide the economy with the long money released out of the resources exempted from the lending restrictions on merger/acquisition transactions.

The document assumes that such approach to the formation of the lending reserves within the project financing program can be expanded on its other types.

Thus, the banks will have an opportunity to increase the project financing volume and release the long money for realization of large projects including infrastructural ones.

The amendments are assumed to be in force since Oct. 1, 2019.

"AK&M", 13:40, 12.07.2019 1251 AKM,BNK


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