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Southern Kuzbass Coal Company buys new vehicles worth RUB 17 million

Southern Kuzbass Coal Company, a coal mining company operating as part of Mechel Group, has purchased two maintenance crew vehicles and a KAMAZ fuel truck for a total amount of about RUB 17 million, the company informed.

The new maintenance crew vehicles are used to deliver miners of to the Krasnogorsky and Tomusinsky open pits, employees of the Krasnogorskaya coal preparation plant to their working places.

The fuel truck is intended to promptly deliver fuel to haul trucks engaged in transportation of coal and rock mass at the Olzherassky open pit.

Southern Kuzbass PJSC comprises four branches: open-pit coal mining (Krasnogorsky, Sibirginsky, Olzherassky surface coal mines), underground mining (Lenin mine, Sibirginskaya mine, Olzherasskaya-New coal mine, mining equipment installation department, gas removal and prospecting department), coal preparation and processing department ("Sibir" central coal preparation plant, "Kuzbasskaya" central coal preparation plant, "Tomusinskaya" group coal preparation plant, "Krasnogorskaya" coal preparation plant), Tomusinskoye motor vehicle department. Southern Kuzbass Coal Company is operating as part of Mechel Group's mining division consolidated into Mechel-Mining.

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