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Two Transmashholding's entities appointed CEOs

The new CEOs were appointed at Kolomna Plant (KZ) and Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) included into Transmashholding, the company informed.

D.Mirny was appointed as Kolomna Plant CEO.
A.Vlasenko, executive director of BMZ, was affirmed as BMZ's CEO to replace former director general keeping now the seat of the first deputy CEO at Transmashholding.

Transmashholding (TIN 7723199790) involves transport engineering entities producing locomotives, wagons, metro carriages etc.

The IH 2018 net profit (IAS) rallied up 9.68 fold to 12.93bn rub. from 1.336bn rub. prior year; revenues - 64.26% to 109.304bn rub. from 66.543bn rub.; operating profit - 4.06 fold to 17.252bn rub. from 4.248bn rub.; pretax profit - 8.59 fold to 16.313bn rub. from 1.898bn rub.

The IH 2018 net profit (RAS) moved up 12.09% to 3.346bn rub. from 2.985bn rub. prior year period; revenues - 61.41% to 40.074bn rub. from 24.828bn rub.; profit from sales - 3.12 fold to 3.254bn rub. from 1.042bn rub.; pretax profit boosted 25.65% to 4.053bn rub. from 3.225bn rub.

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