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ROSNANO MC powers prolonged for 10 years

The ROSNANO holders decided to transfer the single executive body powers to ROSNANO Management Company for 10 years, as it was informed.

The decision was made by the government as the one holder.
The terms of the new management contract were affirmed by ROSNANO BOD in Dec. 2018.

The previous contract between the companies was affirmed for 5 years in Feb. 2014 till Feb. 11, 2019. In line with the contract ROSNANO MC provides the powers of a single executive body keeping the nano investment projects in its portfolio.

ROSNANO (TIN 7728131587) is a co-investor in the nano-technological projects with considerable economic or social potential. Its participation at the initial stages of the projects mitigate the risks for the private investors as partners.

The Corporation is a participant of the projects aimed to build the nano-technological objects including the business-incubators, early investment funds etc. The share capital is equal to 53.741bn rub. split in 53741700000 common stocks of 1 rub. par. The government keeps 100% in ROSNANO.

The 9-month 2018 net profit (RAS) gained 2bn rub.; revenues - 14.2bn rub.; gross profit - 5.5bn rub.

The aggregated operating expenses declined to 3.1bn rub.; revenues from investments - 11.4bn vs. 9bn rub. prior year period due to the sale of shares in the capital of ROSNANO's portfolio companies and distribution of revenues from foreign projects.

20.5bn rub. were spent on debts coverage (2.4bn rub. higher prior year); 6.1bn rub. being paid up over the 9-month period.

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