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VTB executed first electronic mortgage transaction

VTB executed the first electronic mortgage transaction, the Bank informed.

Thus, the package of the required documents was sent to Rosreestr. The mortgage was registered and transferred to the Special Depository.

In IH 2019 VTB intends to start the pilot project on the settlement of electronic mortgage transactions in Moscow, Kazan, Tyumen and Ufa.

VTB Group is a Russian financial group involving above 20 credit and financial companies operating in different sectors of the capital market. It has representations in CIS, The VTB-held banks in Austria, Germany and France are operating within the European sub-holding headed by VTB Bank (Austria). Besides, the Group keeps the subs and associated banks in Great Britain, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia, Angola, China, India, Dubai, Singapore.

The IH 2018 net profit (IAS) rallied up 70.1% to 98.5bn rub.; in IIQ - 41.9% to 43bn rub.; net interest moved up 4.8% to 238.1bn rub.; net margin - 4.2% to 4.1%.

"AK&M", 12:19, 11.02.2019 1251 AKM,BNK


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