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UniCredit Bank updates interest rates on ruble-denominated deposits

UniCredit Bank has updated interest rates on ruble-denominated deposits, the bank informed.

Depositors can earn the biggest interest on the "For Life" deposit (7.43% per annum for 9 months, 7.23% for 1 year, 7.21% for 2 years, 7.85% for 5 years). This program assumes participation in an endowment or investment life insurance program.

The "New Level" deposit available to everyone not having a deposit with UniCredit Bank for the last 6 months or depositing money not earlier deposited with the bank, will earn 6.85% p.a. in case of a 6-month deposit, 6.75% p.a. in case of a 9-month deposit, 6.65% for one year and 7% p.a. for a 2-year deposit.

AO UniCredit Bank (previously ZAO International Moscow Bank, tax number: 7710030411) founded in 1989 is among thirty major banks of the Russian Federation. The bank specializes in providing services to corporate and private clients, corporate financing and treasury operations. 100% of the Bank's voting shares belong to UniCredit Group S.p.A.

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