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Rostekh affirmed deputy CEO on conversion

The supervisory council of Rostekh Corp. affirmed M.Vybornykh as deputy CEO on conversion, the company informed.

He is charged to provide further growth of HT products output in the total production and interaction with TEK.

This occupation was introduced in line with the order of the Russian President and new edition of the law on Rostekh Corp. stipulating an increase in the number of CEO deputies from five to six persons.

Earlier, M.Vybornykh kept position of the Rostekh state secretary and provided control over realization of several system-important projects in the civil sphere.

Rostekh was founded in 2007 to provide support to the entities in the different sectors.

The Company involves above 660 entities included into 14 holdings: 9 in the defense-oriented complex and 5 in civil sectors; besides, there are 21 companies being under the direct control (Rosoboronexport, ODK, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, UOMZ, Russian Electronics, AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, Skartel (Yota) etc. The companies included into Rostekh are located in the 60 subjects. The products are exported to 100 countries.

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