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Tander acquired 0.048107% in Magnit

Sep. 14 Tander (Magnit-held sub) acquired 49.027ths stocks (0.048107% of voting stocks) of Magnit, the company informed.

The acquisition was executed in line with the contract on the broker account opening and broker operations between Tander and Renaissance Broker.

Thus, the Tander-held share in Magnit moved up to 246831 votes

(0.242202%) from 197804 votes (0.194094%).
Magnit (Krasnodar, TIN 2309085638) is a holding working in the retail trade sector through the shops under the same name. On Sep. 30, 2017 the total number of the shops gained 15.697.

The IH 2018 net profit (IAS) moved down 14.4% to 17.767bn rub. from 20.748bn rub.; net profit margin gained 3%; revenues increased 7.2% to 595.263bn rub. from 555.025bn rub.; EBITDA declined 9.6% to 44.1bn rub. from 48.79bn rub.

The IQ 2017 net profit (RAS) declined 1% to 1.24bn rub. from 1.253bn rub.; revenues increased 11.43% to 103.193mln rub. from 92.61mln rub.; gross profit - 13.9% to 90.23mln rub. from 79.23mln rub.; pretax profit dropped 1.3% to 1.551bn rub. from 1.571bn rub.

In IIQ 2018 the Company opened 335 shops to drive the total amount to 16960.

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