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Transneft-released issues transferred to 2d level

The BO-001?-03 and BO-001?-04 released by Transneft in the total volume of 30bn rub. were transferred from the 3d to the 2d level of the trading list on MOEX, the company informed.

The BO-001?-03 placed through the open offering for 7 years in maturity includes 15mln bonds of 1ths rub. par. The 1st coupon rate is set at 9.45% ann.

The BO-001?-04 in the volume of 15mln bonds of 1ths rub. par was placed through the open offering for 6 years in maturity within the 280bn rub. worth program. The 1st coupon rate is fixed at 9.3% ann. Gazprombank is an underwriter.

Transneft (TIN 7706061801) is a monopolist on the crude oil exports market. It keeps 48.505ths km of oil pipelines.

The share capital is worth 7.124mln rub. split in 5568748 common and

1554875 preferred stocks of 1 rub. par. The government has 78.1% (100% of common stocks); preferred stocks (21.9%) are held by the minority.

Mar. end 2017 1.1mln preferred stocks (71%) of the Company were sold on MICEX by UCP Group held by I.Shcherbovich.

The 2017 net profit (IAS) declined 17.65% to 191.805bn rub. from 232.907bn rub.; revenues moved up 4.27% to 884.337bn rub. from 848.134bn rub.; operating profit dropped 8.6% to 255.638bn rub. from 279.694bn rub.; pretax profit - 19.66% to 242.167bn rub. from 301.422bn rub.

The 2017 net profit (RAS) rallied up 92.26% to 58.844bn rub. from 30.607bn rub.; revenues climbed up 4.09% to 835.937bn rub. from 803.084bn rub.; profit from sales - 25.65% to 61.567bn rub. from 48.998bn rub.; pretax profit doubled to 74.935bn rub. from 36.909bn rub.

The IQ 2018 net profit (RAS) rocketed down 9.5 fold to 1.04bn rub. from 9.876bn rub.; revenues being up 5.62% to 219.671bn rub. from

"AK&M", 15:49, 13.09.2018 1251 AKM,COR


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