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The deals between Otkrytie Bank/O1 Group annulled

The Moscow Arbitration court has recognized several deals signed by FK Otkrytie with O1 Group Limited as illegal, Kommersant informed.

The debts of the Group to the Bank in the volume of 3.3bn rub.

($453.3mln) on four credits were restored.
The Bank demanded to cancel the purchase of 34mln bonds of 01 Group and the deals on the preterm cancellation of credit contracts which were concluded just before the start of the financial restructuring announced in Aug. 2017.

In June the Central Bank released 217bn for the Bank in the form of the financial support.

O1 Group is an international investment company keeping assets in real estate and financial sector. It was set up in 2004 by B.Mintz.

FC Otkrytie Bank is included into the 10-top list of the largest banks in Russia and is a system-important Bank. It is in operation from 1993. The consolidated assets (IAS) gained 3087.8bn rub. June 30, 2016; own capital - 217.8bn rub.

It was formed due to the integration of more than 10 banks of different size including NOMOS Bank, Khanty-Mansiysk Bank, Petrocommerz Bank. On May 1, 2018 the capital reached 184.8bn rub.; assets - 1.28tril rub.; clients involve 200ths companies and 2.7mln private persons.

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