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Severstal/Windar Renovables located towers production

Severstal, ROSNANO and Windar Renovables S. L. (Spain) signed agreement on the formation of JV Towers VRS for the production of steel towers for wind energetic units, as it was informed.

The new plant will be located in Rostov reg.
At the first stage 750mln rub. are to be invested in the project. Windar Renovables is assumed to keep 51% in JV; ROSNANO and Severstal - 24.5% each. Windar Renovables is going to transfer tower production technologies to Severstal.

The project is realized within the special investment contract signed by Russia, Rostov reg. and Severstal.

The capacity of the new plant is expected to gain 300 MW/year. The key consumer is the Wind Energetic Development Fund set up by ROSNANO and FORTUM at par and Wind Parks FRV as its portfolio company. The latter won the tender on the project realization. The equipment is provided by Vestas. Windar Renovables is a global OEM-partner of Vestas.

ROSNANO (TIN 7728131587) is a co-investor in the nano-technological projects with considerable economic or social potential. Its participation at the initial stages of the projects mitigate the risks for the private investors as partners.

The Corporation is a participant of the projects aimed to build the nano-technological objects including the business-incubators, early investment funds etc. The share capital is equal to 53.741bn rub. split in 53741700000 common stocks of 1 rub. par. The government keeps 100% in ROSNANO.

The 2017 net profit (IAS) increased 43% to 8bn rub.; net losses reached 5.3bn rub.

The IQ 2018 net profit (RAS) gained 0.7bn rub. vs. 3.442bn rub. in losses; revenues rallied up 3.6 fold to 3.8bn rub. from 1.043bn rub.; gross profit - 3.5 fold to 3.3bn rub. from 923.349mln rub.

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