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AFK Sistema/CapitalBio Technology/RKIF signed agreement

AFK Sistema, CapitalBio Technology and RKIF came to an agreement to form the largest innovative biotechnological laboratory in Russia, as it was informed at the Eastern Economic Forum.

The first private biotechnological laboratory in Russia intends to center the emphasis on the genetic and molecular researches for diagnostics of the socially-important diseases including cancer.

AFK Sistema (TIN 7703104630) is a public diversified corporation having 100mln users. It provides control over the diversified investment portfolio at the entities in different sectors of economy and keeps large assets in telecoms (MTS, Komstar-OTS, Svyazinvest), electronics (NIIME and Micron Plant, Sitronics TS (former STROM-Telecom), Sitronics and Sistema Gals; finances (MBRR, Dalkombank, East-West United Bank (EWUB).

The share capital is equal to 868.5mln rub. split in 9.65bn stocks of 0.09 rub. par. V.Evtushenko is a major holder.

The 9-month 2017 net profit (RAS) gained 92.02bn rub. vs. 14.593bn rub. in losses; revenues and gross profit declined 1.57 fold to 17.94bn rub. from 28.168bn rub.; pretax profit reached 94.173bn rub. vs. 13.59bn rub. in losses.

The 2017 corrected net profit (IAS) rallied up 3 fold to 4.119bn rub. from 1.481bn rub.; revenues increased 3.5% to 704.551bn rub. from 680.864bn rub.; corrected OIBDA - 8% to 199.549bn rub. from 184.8bn rub

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