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VimpelCom raised IIIQ revenues 5.8%

The IIIQ 2018 revenues at VimpelCom moved up 5.8% to reach 76.8bn rub., the company informed.

The growth was prompted by the increase in the revenues from mobile services and from the equipment sale backed by the acquisition of new shops after the Evroset integration and rebranding started in IQ 2018.

The revenues from services increased 0.5% to 59.5bn rub. due to the additional services and data transfer. The cancellation of the internal roaming and usage of the limit-free data transfer turned out to be of weak effects for the revenues.

The total revenues in the fixed sector plunged 13.5% due to the drop in the transit traffic (1.1bn rub.) centralized in VEON Wholesale Services (included into VEON Group operating in the cooperation with the international operators). The centralization of the international interconnection and revenues from transit traffic is assumed to be under way till year end. The tentative impact for the revenues can reach $45mln; for EBITDA - $5mln.

EBITDA moved down 3.1% to 27.4bn rub. on the rise in the payment for the usage of radio-frequency bandwidth in the volume of 0.4bn rub. and expenses on the integration of the Evroset shops (0.6bn rub.).

The integration was completed in Aug. 2018 (1540 shops passed rebranding). The cumulative negative effects from this process gained 2.2bn rub. and can reach 3bn rub. in EBITDA year end.

VimpelCom (TIN 7713076301) is ranked as the second cellular operator in Russia and CIS. It has 63mln users in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia. Armenia, Laos etc. The Company is included into VimpelCom Ltd. Group. The share capital is equal to 288.538ths rub. split in 51281022 common and 6426600 preferred stocks of 0.005 rub.

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