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Akron intends to start grainy carbamide production

Akron Group started realization of the project on the building of the plant for the production of the grainy carbamide with 2ths t/day in capacity, the company informed.

The new plant is assumed to be launched in 2019.
By now the contract on the basic designing and equipment delivery has been signed with Stamicarbon.

Akron Group (TIN 5321029508) is one of the leading vertically-integrated producers of fertilizers in Russia and the world. The chemical entities held by Akron Group are located in V.Novgorod (Akron) and Smolensk reg. (Dorogobuzh). It provides development of the phosphate deposit in Murmansk reg. (SZFK) and potassium deposit in Perm reg. (VKK). Akron is keeping the own transport logistic infrastructure including three port terminals in the Baltic and sale networks in Russia and China.

North Atlantic Potash Inc. (NAP) as the Akron-held sub has licenses on the development of 13 potassium deposits in Canada. Besides, Akron holds a minority (19.8%) in Grupa Azoty S.A. (Poland) as one of the largest producers of chemicals in Europe.

The sales in 2017 gained 7.3mln ton of products exported to 65 countries. Russia, Brazil, Europe and USA are the major markets.

The IH 2018 net profit (IAS) rallied up 76% to 3.4bn rub.; revenues moved up 5% to 49.413bn rub.; EBITDA - 7% to 15.666bn rub.; net debt - 18% to 71.123bn rub. from 60.221bn rub. ($1.133bn).

"AK&M", 13:35, 08.11.2018 1251 AKM,COR


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