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Russia intends to increase agro exports to China

Russia is going to increase the agro products exports to China, D.Patruhev, minister of agriculture, said after the meeting with the Chinese minister of agro sector.

The key point of the talks was centered on the export of the new types of native products to China including the poultry meat, dairy, bagasse.

Besides, Russia is interested in the higher number of the regions keeping the right of grain export to China and in the expansion of their assortment.

At the First International Exhibition of imported products in China several Russian agro producers signed agreements with the Chinese partners. They concern the export of including export of oil-fat products, confectionaries and honey.

In its turn, China relies upon an increase in the is interested in the increase in the soy import from Russia. Therefore, D.Patrushev offered Chinese partners to invest into the formation of JVs for the soy processing in Russia.

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