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LORP intends to pay up 2017-dividends

Lenskoe Joint River Shipping (LORP) BOD affirmed June 20 as the annual meeting date, the company informed.

The agenda concerns approval of the annual accounting, new edition of the articles, internal documents, dividends payment, election of BOD members and an auditor.

BOD approved the annual accounting preliminary and recommended to transfer 1.926mln rub. to the reserve fund; 24.766mln rub. - to the development fund; 9.821mln rub. - on the 2017-dividends payment (0.010234 rub./common stocks and 0.018476 rub./preferred stock).

BOD affirmed the financial plan and key efficiency patterns for 2018.

Lenskoe Joint River Shipping (LORP, TIN 1435029085) was formed in 1994 provides petroleum products transfer in Lena River basin. It involves two shipyards, two river ports, radio-navigation/coms center.

The share capital is equal to 833.796mln rub. split in 156240000 preferred (18.74%) and 677556000 common stocks (81.26%) of 1 rub. par.

The 2017 net profit (RAS) added 17.37% to gain 38.512mln rub. from 32.813mln rub.; revenues moved up 10.98% to 5.345bn rub. from 4.816bn rub.; profit from sales declined 19.26% to 537.427mln rub. from 665.618mln rub.; pretax profit increased 63.18% to 151.923mln rub. from 93.102mln rub.

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