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RusAgro refused from White Bird acquisition

RusAgro Group refused from the acquisition of the White Bird Company held by D.Ananyev, beneficiary of this Company and ex-owner of Promsvyazbank, Kommersant informed.

RusAgro is assumed to be frightened by the probable CB's attempt to get control over White Bird to cover the expenses on the financial restructuring of Promsvyazbank. Such probability was announced by V.Pozdyshev, deputy CB chairman, in Feb. Besides, he noted that non-profile assets of the former Promsvyazbank's owners can be withdrawn and transferred to the problem debts fund.

The total debts of White Bird exceed 30bn rub.; the credits raised by Promsvyazbank accounting for the major portion of them.

Besides, the White Bird Company has rather difficult structure involving several sites of different technologies which is rather difficult for the management. In 2017 White Bird covered 5% of the poultry market (300ths ton in output). The beneficiary of the Company is Promsvyaz Capital B. V. The crediting was stopped after the introduction of the outside management which provoked the talks on the sale.

Rusagro Group (TIN 5003077160) involves operating companies:
Rusagro-Center; Rusagro Agro Company; Rusagro-Butter; Rusagro-Sugar; processing entities and above 20 agro companies in Belgorodskaya and Tambovskaya regions.

The 2017 net profit (IAS) as of the holders plunged 2.5 fold to 5.63bn rub.

The 9-month 2017 net profit of ROS AGRO PLC (IAS) rallied down 72% to 3.089bn rub. from 11.203bn rub.; revenues dropped 1% to 54.829bn rub. from 55.588bn rub.; corrected EBITDA - 26% to 8.538bn rub. from 11.488bn rub.

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