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Oktopass acquired share in Central PPK

Oktopass acquired the half of the stake in Central PPK held by the Moscow reg. administration, as it was informed.

Thus, 12.7% (38 pcs) were purchased for 1.045bn. Route Systems also was a participant of the auction as an owner of 25% in Central PPK.

Earlier, RZHD sold the stocks of Central PPK (25% plus one stock) to Route Systems for 2.286bn rub. The remained portion of the stocks (50% minus two stocks) are held by Moscow Passenger Company (MPK).

Central Commuter Service Company (TIN 7705705370) was formed Jan. 1,

2006 within the restructuring of the railway transport. Now it is the largest carrier among other commuter service companies in Russia.

At the formation of the Company the shares were distributed as follows:

RZHD - 50% minus 2 stocks; Moscow government - 25% plus 1 stock; Moscow reg.

government - 25% plus 1 stock. In Sep. 2011 Moscow Passenger Company (MPK) acquired the Moscow government-held stake at the auction.

Central PPK covers above 80% in the Moscow railroad traffic and 60% in Russia on the whole. To provide the traffic the Company keeps 477 rolling-stock units in rent.

The 2016-net profit (RAS) rallied down 30 fold to 81.39mln rub. from 2.441mln rub.; revenues increased 11.37% to 38.741bn rub. from 34.787bn rub.; profit from sales dropped 17.12% to 4.91bn rub. from 5.924bn rub.; pretax profit - 3.66 fold to 878.059mln rub. from 3.217bn rub.

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