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Akron renames export companies

Akron Group decided to rename its export trade companies, the company informed.

Agronova Europe AG (Swiss) is renamed to Acron Switzerland AG; Agronova International Inc. (USA) - Acron USA Inc.

The renaming is aimed to raise the popularity of the Akron trade mark and brand and to strengthen relationships between the industrial and trade companies of the Group due the expansion of the network.

Akron Group founded Acron France SAS in Paris 2017 end to provide distribution of ammoniac-carbamide mixture and dry fertilizers in France and some other countries.

Akron Group (TIN 5321029508) is one of the leading vertically-integrated producers of fertilizers in Russia and the world. The chemical entities held by Akron Group are located in V.Novgorod (Akron) and Smolensk reg. (Dorogobuzh). It is a producer of ??? ?????? ?????????? ????? ? in Murmansk reg. (SZFK) and potassium deposit in Perm reg. (VKK); it keeps own transport logistic infrastructure including three port terminals in the Baltic and sale networks in Russia and China.

North Atlantic Potash Inc. (NAP) as Akron-held sub has a license on the prospecting in 11 sectors of the potassium salt field in Canada. Besides, it keeps a minority (19.8%) in Grupa Azoty (Poland) as one of the largest chemicals producer in Europe.

The 9-month 2017 net profit (IAS) declined 10.135bn rub. from 21.423bn rub.; revenues being up 4% to 69.289bn rub. from 66.785bn rub.

The 9-month 2016 net profit plunged (RAS) 31% to 9.619bn rub.; revenues gained 37.231mln rub. or 2% higher prior year period (36.624bn rub.); profit from sales dropped 29% to 11.136bn rub.; EBITDA lost 27% to come to 12.135bn rub.; EBITDA margin reached 33% vs. 45% prior year.

"AK&M", 18:34, 11.01.2018 1251 AKM,COR


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