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MTS acquired Ticketland.ru

MTS acquired 100% in MDTZK (Ticketland.ru brand) and 78.2% in Cubichall keeping Culture Service (Ponaminalu.ru brand) as two Russian ticket operators, the company informed.

The deals are aimed to provide the leading positions on the ticket sale market.

100% in MDTZK was purchased for 3.25bn rub. from ITech Capital Foundation and some private persons.

78.2% in Cubichall were acquired for 495mln rub. from two private persons and Buran Venture Capital Foundation. The prices are set with respect to the net debt. One of the Culture Service's founders still have 21.8% in Cubichall in the indirect ownership. The parties signed an option agreemenet stipulating acquisition of 100% in Cubichall 2020 end.

MTS is going to provide strategic and financial control over the assets through BODs. Their financial results are included into the consolidated accounting of MTS Group.

Ticketland.ru is one of the largest ticket operators in Russia. It keeps the largest ticket network in Moscow, online sale and mobile application.

Ponaminalu.ru is included into the 5-top list of the ticket market players.

MTS (TIN 7740000076) together with the subs provides services to 91mln users in Russia, Armenia, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

The share capital is equal to 199.84mln rub. split in 1998381575 common stocks.

The 9-month 2016 net profit (RAS) rallied up 35.54% to 56.203bn rub.

from 41.466bn rub.; revenues being down 6% to 235.635bn rub. from 250.785bn rub.; gross profit - 11.37% to 110.165bn rub. from 124.296bn rub.; pretax profit increased 29% to 65.693bn rub. from 50.909bn rub.

The IIIQ 2017 net profit (IAS) rallied up 43% to 18bn rub. from 12.6bn rub.; revenues moved up 2.1% to 114.6bn rub. from 112.2bn rub.; OIBDA - 6.7% to 48.8bnrub. from 45.7bn rub.

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