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Volga shipping company completes 2018 navigation season

Volga Shipping (operating as part of UCL Holding) has completed the 2018 shipping navigation season, the company informed.

The shipping company's vessels have transported 7.8 million tonnes of cargoes, which is 21% above the result achieved in 2017.

The export cargo flow reached 4.7 million tonnes (+19% against the 2017 level). The internal cargo flow increased by 602 thousand tonnes (+24%), reaching 3.2 million tonnes.

JSC Volga Shipping (tax number: 5260902190) established in 1843 is operating as a structural unit of international transport group UCL Holding. The company transports cargoes and passengers within Russia's rivers and lakes.

In 2017, the cargo carriers and tow boats of Volga Shipping increased the cargo transportation volume by 24% year-on-year to 6.5 million tonnes.

The shipping company is operating as part of VBTH, the shipping division of the international transport group UCL Holding (VBTH's major shareholder) consolidating a number of rail, stevedoring and logistics assets. This division also includes North-Western Shipping Company, V.F.Tanker, Okskaya Shipyard.

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