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Shvabe Holding starts growing 2D nano-structures

Rostec Corporation's Shvabe Holding has started growing 2D nano-structures, Rostec informed.

This technology will allow to reduce the dimensions of imaging IR equipment 3-4 times and to create hybrid photo sensors capable of detecting in several spectral ranges at once: from the UV band to the IR band. The technology behind such sensors is unparalleled worldwide, the statement emphasizes.

Shvabe Holding unites the key manufacturers of Russia's optical electronic industry. It comprises 64 entities including research-and-production associations, design bureaus, optical institutes as well as the service and marketing companies. The holding develops and produces hi-tech optical electronic systems and complexes, optical materials, medical equipment, energy saving lighting equipment and other products. Shvabe Holding is operating as part of Rostec, its major enterprises are members of the Russian Engineering Union.

Rostec Group (Russian Technologies Group until December 2012) established in November 2007 is meant to provide assistance to Russian entities of various industries in the development, manufacture and marketing of hi-tech goods domestically and abroad, in carrying out applied R&D to explore promising technologies and in adopting advanced techniques for production to boost the quality of domestic technologies, to reduce the time and cost of their development.

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