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AvtoVAZ placed 64.45% of issue

Apr. 12 AvtoVAZ completed allocation of an additional stock issue in the volume of 46.25bn rub., the company informed.

In fact, 5961165544 stocks (64.45% of the issue) were placed for 61.4bn rub.

495 stocks were paid up in monetary terms; 5961165049 stocks - due to the set-off.

The issue included 9.25bn common stocks of 5 rub. par allocated through the close offering in favor of Alliance Rostec Auto B.V. (Netherlands). The allocation price was fixed at 10.3 rub./pcs.

AvtoVAZ (TIN 6320002223) is one of the leading car makers in the Eastern Europe. The 2017 sales moved up 17% to reach 311.588ths cars.

The major holders involve JV Alliance Rostec Auto B.V. (64.6%) and Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited (24.1%). At Mar. 2018 end 82.45% in Alliance Rostec Auto B.V. were held by Renault s.a.s.; 17.55% - Rostekh.

The 2017 net losses (IAS) rallied down 4.63 fold to 9.662bn rub. from 44.779bn rub.; revenues moved up 22.02% to 225.648bn rub. from 184.931bn rub.; operating losses rocketed down 63.16 fold to 643mln rub. from 40.61bn rub.; pretax losses - 4.78 fold to 10.063bn rub. from 48.057bn rub.

The 2017 net losses (RAS) plunged 2.86 fold to 12.384bn rub. from 35.467bn rub.; revenues increased 23.08% to 233.826bn rub. from 189.974bn rub.; losses from sales declined 15.07 fold to 1.176bn rub. from 17.726bn rub.; pretax losses - 2.74 fold to 13.485bn rub. from 36.946bn rub.

"AK&M", 16:35, 16.04.2018 1251 AKM,COR


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