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TNS energo Voronezh intends to pay dividends

TNS energo Voronezh BOD made a decision to call the annual meeting June 1, the company informed.

The agenda concerns approval of the annual accounting, new edition of the articles, internal documents, dividends payment, election of BOD members and an auditor.

BOD affirmed the annual accounting and recommended the holders to spend 102.241mln rub. on dividends in total (100% of net profit under RAS) or 1.3656828 rub./pcs.

Besides, BOD affirmed report of the director general on the realization of the 2017-investment program.

TNS energo Voronezh (TIN 3663050467) was withdrawn from Voronezhenergo within the restructuring in 2004 and called Voronezhenergosbyt. In July 2015 it was renamed into TNS energo Voronezh and started operation within the TNS energo Group structure.

The IH 2017 net losses (IAS) reached 137.529mln rub. against 220.66mln rub. in profit prior year period; revenues increased 3.59% to 10.545bn rub. from 10.179bn rub.; operating losses gained 67.245mln rub. vs. 290.367mln rub. in profit; pretax losses - 169.47mln rub. vs. 301.662mln rub. in profit.

The 2017 net profit (RAS) moved up 6.13% to 102.241mln rub. from 96.334mln rub.; revenues added 7.89% to come to 25.341bn rub. from 23.489bn rub.; profit from sales plunged 8.37% to 403.692mln rub. from 440.584mln rub.; pretax profit - 23.81% to 158.363mln rub. from 207.848mln rub.

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