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Russian Helicopters, STLC sign contracts for supplies of helicopters

JSC Russian Helicopters and PJSC State transport leasing company (STLC) have signed contracts to supply 12 Ansat light multi-purpose helicopters, 13 Mi-8AmT helicopters and 6 Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters, according to the press service of Russian Helicopters.

Under the contract, all the rotorcraft will be supplied to the customer in 2018.

Ansat is a light two-engine multi-purpose helicopter with a hydraulic/mechanical control system.

JSC Russian Helicopters (tax number: 7731559044) is a subsidiary of JSC OPK Oboronprom which itself is part of the Rostec corporation. It controls and manages the following helicopter industry enterprises: Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company named after N.I. Sazykin, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, Stupino Machine Production Plant, Reduktor-PM, Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant and Helicopter Service Company.

IFRS net profit of JSC Russian Helicopters for H1 2017 decreased by 23.32% to RUB 7.546 billion from RUB 9.841 billion for the same period in 2016. Revenue increased by 9.05% to RUB 93.827 billion from RUB 86.042 billion, operating profit decreased by 24.53% to RUB 13.696 billion from RUB 18.147 billion, pre-tax profit by 26.88% to RUB 10.475 billion from RUB 14.325 billion.

According to AK&M Information Agency's DataCapital information retrieval system, RAS net profit of JSC Russian Helicopters for 9 months of 2017 decreased by 18.79% to RUB 11.349 billion from RUB 13.974 billion for the same period in 2016. Revenue decreased by 24.27% to RUB 25.637 billion from RUB 33.851 billion, sales profit by 30.12% to RUB 15.735 billion from RUB 22.516 billion, pre-tax profit by 18.54% to RUB 11.381 billion from RUB 13.972 billion.

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